Registered company data:
Javier Alconero Gutiérrez.
C/ Tren Ter, parcela 238, Nave 7. Polígono Industrial de Venta de Baños.34200. Venta de baños (Palencia) SPAIN 
e-mail: info@quesoselafinador.com
Telephone number: (+34) 676603802.
Taxpayer identification number (TIN):

The displayed prices include a 4% VAT.
Payment methods:

Bank transfer
Once the purchase has been confirmed, the payment must be made through a bank transfer or a money deposit into the bank account indicated below:
IBERCAJA (Bank): ES50 2085 8157 8503 3040 2145.
Payee name: Javier Alconero Gutiérrez.
Please, type in your purchase order number in the “purpose of payment” field.
Normally, bank transfers between Spanish Banks take 24 to 48 hours (excluding bank holidays and weekends). If after 5 days we have not received the payment and we have not been contacted by the customer, the order will be cancelled.

Secure virtual POS terminal
The virtual POS terminal allows the use of payment cards. All major European credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, etc. are accepted. We recommend this payment method, as it is verified in real-time and once the transaction has been authorized, we proceed to prepare, pack and send the orders without any further action on your part.
Once the purchase has been confirmed, a new window will open showing the Redsys payment gateway in which you must enter the following data: credit card number, expiry date (MM/YY format), cardholder’s name and CVC2 code. The CVC2 (Card Verification Code) are the last three digits on the back of the card under the magnetic band. Once the data have been validated, a new window will open, this is our bank’s window in which you will be asked to enter a random code from your personal code card used to perform online banking transactions.
Once this code is verified, the system will send a purchase confirmation message with an authorisation code that, if you wish, can be printed as proof of payment.

Cash on delivery payment (available at extra charge)
Cash on delivery payment allows you to do your purchase and pay it in cash on delivery to the courier company. This system requires an extra charge of 3 euros +VAT, which is the courier company handling fee. Please, make sure you have the exact amount for the payment of your purchase as the courier may not have change for you.

Transport and delivery charges:
Free delivery within Spain for EUR 60 orders or over. For orders under EUR 60, the delivery charge is EUR 7.50 +VAT. Delivery takes 24 to 72 business hours after the order is placed. Your order will be delivered by a courier company such as SEUR or any similar one.

Return policy:
All our products are carefully packaged and protected before we send them; therefore they should arrive in perfect conditions. However, if you notice any problem upon delivery, such as damaged goods or broken packaging, please, indicate it on the acknowledgment of receipt issued by the courier company. Please note that if you do not proceed this way, the return of the merchandise will not be possible.
We provide highest quality cheese. This is why all our products are fully guaranteed. Returns of products will only be accepted if they have a foul odour or they are in a bad general condition. Returns due to aspect or aesthetic reasons will not be accepted.
Should you need to return a product, please, contact us by e-mail or telephone.